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Palladwr Associates

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Palladwr Associates is a small niche property & planning consultancy specialising in development opportunities mainly in the Winchester area. As well as property advice we offer guidance on matters of public engagement with the various statutory agencies and the wider public involved in or concerned about development. Run by Ian Tait and Simon Storey, we have known each other for well over 30 years and both have significant experience and understanding in the property sector in and around Winchester.

Palladwr Associates has good knowledge and links with virtually every developer, architect and planning consultant operating in the central Hampshire area. We are able to offer our clients fair and well-informed advice and guidance about how best to protect and promote their interests if they are considering developing their property or land. We also act for neighbours who may have concerns about the possible impact a proposed development may have upon their own interests.

Please feel free to contact us even if you are not immediately thinking about selling or developing your property as our experience with existing clients is that it never does one any harm to at least know what the options are. If you would like to talk to us, we would be delighted to meet at your property or in a neutral location if you prefer.

V.A.T. number 107 3623 38        Company number 07277809